Sunday, April 11, 2010

Your JOY Bucket : )

Did any of you see the movie "The Bucket List"?
HERE for the trailer.

More Clips:
facing our issues isn't fun
I am not asking you to jump out of a plane!

I have been through a lot of intense trauma in my life. (you really do not want to know) I have stayed focused on the good things...that is how I not only survived, but overcame and triumphed over it all. Most of us won't be kicking the bucket soon, but making a list and doing it and enjoying the life we have right now is something that we can do to keep perspective.

I love filling up my joy bucket. A person can only handle as much trauma as the joy they have stored up. That is very interesting. So people that have been victims keep being re-victimized because they have no storehouse to tell them they are okay and build their confidence. Now the neat thing about our joy bucket is that it doesn't matter whether you give the joy or get the joy, it still serves to fill up your joy bucket.

A person who is depressed is not recognizing joy in their life. If you're depressed, perhaps you should make a joy bucket, and start putting something in the bucket every time you give or receive joy and watch your joy bucket fill up. At times when you feel down, depressed or just out of it, look at your joy bucket. Think about what you can to do to add to it. Make the choice to give joy, so you can fill up your joy bucket some more. Be deliberate! Make JOY an important part of your life.

Get a bucket or a list**.....FIND THE JOY!!********

******** There is an awesome Almond Joy Drops recipe posted in the Raw Food Rehab's Kitchen Raw Desserts section! Almond Joy candy bars were my absolute favorite before going raw...The "legal" raw recipe ones are delicious!
Susan : )

**When I make a "To do" list now, I title it: "To Graciously Do," "To Do with Acceptance," "To Do Joyfully," "To Happily Do," "To Conquer Boldly," "To Accomplish Gracefully," etc.

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