Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Go Ahead...Have the Last Laugh! : )

We all go through situations where we are not treated fairly. When this happens, the natural thing to do is to defend ourselves and set the record straight. Our human nature wants to get even.

But did you know God has a different way of doing things? God has a plan for you to succeed even during unfair situations. If you'll let Him, He will make all your wrongs, right because God is the greatest vindicator of all. Romans 12:19 says, "Never avenge yourself but leave the way open for God." That means, whenever we face unfair situations, instead of being discouraged, trying to get even and do things in our own strength, we should simply release our faith and watch God go to work. The good thing is, God doesn't just fight your battles for you, He goes on and blesses and promotes you in front of your enemies and those who have persecuted you. When we let God vindicate us, He makes us far better off than we could ever be on our own!

When you stay faithful and do the right thing, even when the wrong thing is happening to you, your character is being developed and prepared for God to pour out his favor and blessings that will push you into a new level of His goodness.

If you'll keep an attitude of faith, knowing whom your vindicator is, God will not only increase you and bless you but He will make sure to get you where you need to be where you will have the last laugh! ~Joel Osteen

Go ahead and have the last laugh!

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  1. Susan,

    This is lovely, and so timely...I recently left a work situation where unfairness and mental abuse was the daily norm. I have been working through rising above resentment, anger, and feelings of confusion.

    And yet, in the end I am so blessed for the experience. It offers me a better chance to appreciate and understand the life I want to lead and the people I want to surround myself with. Just like the grave illness that led me to discover raw eating and vibrant health, sometimes navigating adversity with God's guidance helps lead us to a far better place than we ever could have imagined.

    Going out back now to walk barefoot in the grass and enjoy my green smoothie. Have a beautiful day!



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