Sunday, April 8, 2012

Enjoy this Resurrection Day today and every day! : )

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another Field Trip to Home Depot!

Elliott and Mommy enjoyed their monthly field trip to Home Depot this morning!

Elliott made a bird feeder!  He enjoyed pounding those nails in!
He is sooo proud of himself!
The gal who runs the program sure loves Elliott!!
After we completed his project, he wanted to take a drive throughout the store....
He LOVES to drive his race car (cart)!

Sooooo we did!
When we were cruising through the carpet department, an associate told Elliott he could pick out some carpet samples.  He loved it!  Check out the project we will be making next month!!!
Check out last month's field trip here:

Mommy and Elliott FUN! : )

When we were out in the garden center...
All those lovely plants were beautiful and it sure smelled great out there!


I found this great sign while in the store:

Sooo excited about Cleanse America that starts on Monday!
CLEANSE America Starts this MONDAY!'
If you have not yet joined us...
Come on over!  We are enjoying ourselves!
Empower yourself with a cleanse!