Monday, January 31, 2011

Be Wowed and Amazed! Bill Barlow's Update! : )

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

RFR is Gearing Up for Our 2nd Annual Total Reset Cleanse

RFR will be hosting our 2nd annual 28 Day Total Reset Cleanse during the month of February. This particular cleanse is outlined in my book, Raw Food Cleanse. If you are interested in kicking things up a notch in your raw food journey, this would be a great and effective way to do it.
This is the official shout out to let you know that I'm rallying the troops and have added a February Cleanse Posse Sign Up right here in the Main Forum. I would like to get an idea of how many of you would like to commit to this. So please do not sign in here, but go add your name to the Sign Up HERE.
To start - I suggest that you formulate a game plan for reducing your toxic load, which will help you take your raw food cleanse to a deeper level. I you haven't already, I'd like to recommend that you determine your personal state of affairs by answering the Life Cleanse Questionnaire. This set of questions is a simple tool to help you get honest with yourself about where you are today and what areas of your life need more of your attention.
In the questionnaire, we explore what is happening in your world in these important areas:

If you are new to the concept of cleansing or new to raw foods, I recommend that you start off with the 3 Day Energy Boost Cleanse. Starting here will give you a wonderful opportunity to learn how your body will react to this process of freeing up energy for detox. If you don't have a juicer or blender, simply making the commitment to eat a 100% raw food diet might be the best way for you to start.
Beyond that I recommend the 7 Day Rejuvenation Cleanse which is a wonderful protocol that can be followed consecutively for 28 days. This particular cleanse is ideal for anyone at any stage of the journey:
Upon Arising: 32 oz. pure water w/ fresh lemon or lime juice
Before Noon: 32 oz. of fresh juice or green smoothie &/or fresh seasonal fruit
Midday: Big, colorful salad w/ a delicious dressing &/or raw blended soup or a cleansing raw food entree
Snack: Allowed but only if you are truly hungry. This can be fruit, cut veggies w/ pate or dip, fresh juice or smoothie, herbal tea, elixir or a smart cocktail.
Evening: same as the midday meal.
You can also find some great recipes for Detox & Cleansing in our Kitchen.
The actual 28 Day Total Reset Cleanse is designed for an individual who has a good amount of weight to release and/or for those with a background of compromised diet, unhealthy lifestyle and environmental exposures. This particular cleanse will be ideal for those who have been doing this for awhile or who are really serious about taking charge of their health once & for all. The 28 day protocol starts off with 10 -14 days of liquids - think juice feast.... (juices, smoothies or blended soups/salads). The remaining days look a lot like the 7 Day Cleanse.
I highly recommend that you read Penni's book, Raw Food Cleanse, as it will be your faithful companion in the month of February and beyond. This book will help you elevate and align your thinking to that which promotes vibrant health and it will support you in your long term commitment to living your best life now. It also offers over 100 delicious recipes to insure your success. However, there is enough information here at the Raw Food Rehab unit to make this a successful month for you even if you haven't been able to get a copy of the book.
If this resonates with you and you're ready to go for it - come sign into the February Cleanse Posse Sign In Thread and you can begin to get yourself organized, as our February 1st start date is next Tuesday! If you have additional questions regarding this cleanse, please ask them in the comment section below! I also want to encourage you to share this link on Twitter & Facebook - you never know how your suggestion to try raw food for a month may impact your family, friends and acquaintances!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Health is at Your Fingertips!

When the following video of Monday Night LIVE with Shea was first produced, I watched it more than 10 times! I found it to be so fascinating!

I contacted Deb Myers because I knew that this could be so helpful for my special needs son, Elliott. I ordered both of her DVDs and her book. I have used these simple techniques with my son and I have gotten marvelous results! Elliott is now potty training with ease! His verbal communication skills are improving.

I jumper cable with Elliott every day. He loves it! We make it a game! I also use the Daily Clean Your House Flow (below) for myself and Elliott.

Other simple techniques explained in Deb's book are used...for example:
If I feel cold, I hold the outsides of my knees ...this warms me up. If you have hot flashes, this works to cool you down.(Position 6 below) Position 7 (below) is also great if you are mentally refreshes you!

If Elliott is frustrated, I simply cup one of his middle fingers. If he is coughing or having breathing issues, I use another technique. We had the start of a bad croup attack in the middle of the night when we first received the materials, and I used what Deb says and it worked and stopped the attack in its tracks! I called Deb the next day to tell her about it... : )

I LOVE this Natural Stress Relief by getting the body flow unblocked in such an easy way.

Here are some other links that are helpful:
Improving Memory and Increasing Clarity
Free Yourself from Allergies in any Season
Getting Unstuck and Going Into Action
Avoiding Colds and Flu
Stay Positive: Simple Breath Technique
Inflamation Means Heat Build-up

For those of you who live in Deb's neighborhood, I recommend taking one of her workshops or having a consult with her. I live far away so the DVDs were of great benefit to me! If I ever travel to California, I definitely will go see her!

Health IS at YOUR Fingertips and Deborah Myers shows people how easily and effortlessly they can let go of stress, increase vitality and productivity, relieve pain, promote healing, achieve balance, and attract prosperity. Discover how you can put a wellness kit in your own hands. Check out Deborah’s workshops, manuals and DVDs at:
Deborah Myers
2816 Hidden Acres Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Phone: (707) 546-5692

***These materials have been one of the best investments I have ever made! I highly recommend them!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Sprinkling smiles your way.....(Guest Blogger)

Here is an awesome blog posted at the Hab today.  It is from my friend, Darlene Knight.  She is a gifted and talented writer!  ENJOY!

I believe that once you learn to love yourself, your whole body slowly begins to smile!! If you treat it right, it will keep on smiling!!! Hope this puts a contagious smile on your gorgeous faces!

Living Life With a Smile

Life is so much happier when your smiling.
Imagine if the whole world could smile for no reason at all.
Vibrant smiles are infectious and may actually cause pleasure.
I believe that we all look better when we smile.
Now would be the perfect time to put a smile on your face.
Grin like you mean it and you’ll instantly feel happier inside.

Life “Is What It Is”...accept it...tend to it and move forward.
If you could truly love’d be smiling for sure.
Free yourself from excess stress and try smiling instead.
Endorphins are released when you smile..tis happy hormones.

Wouldn’t it be fun if you could accept who you are right now.
If so, you’d laugh more, have a blast and totally enjoy living.
This very moment, right now...try for no reason.
Happiness on the outside makes your heart smile on the inside.

A great big smile will boost your mood in an instant.

Smiling makes you way more cool is that!
Make the world a happier place just by the look on your face.
I am worth all the effort I put in and I no longer make excuses.
Live each day as if it were your last and enjoy the process.
Each of you deserve to be happy right now...make it possible!

Smile at everyone you see will instantly feel happier and you will brighten someone’s day!

~Darlene Knight

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Take Charge of your life by beginning something you've always wanted to do.
If your goal seems overwhelming, start small.

Your imagination has no boundaries...
'Dreaming about something is the first step toward achieving it.

Laughter is a direct route to your soul.
It broadens your perspective, keeps you healthy, and makes an unbearable situation easier to deal with.

Set your mind to predict success.
Tell yourself you WILL succeed at whatever you're doing at the moment.

Allow yourself to grow by exposing your vunerability and insecurity.
Don't live strictly inside your comfort zone --
Don't always play it safe.

We can always find something "that needs to be done" and we forget how to have fun.
Make a conscious effort to take time off --
You'll feel refreshed and able to think more clearly afterwards.

By being paralyzed by indecision is worse than making the wrong decision.
You can't grow if you don't trust your inner voice.

Try listening carefully to the other person's point of view FIRST,
without being preoccupied or distracted.
You'll really hear what is being said
and the other person is more likely to pay attention to your views.

Creativity maintains the balance in our lives.
The more we use our creativity, the more it develops.

Relationships are what pull us through the hard times,
and make the good times meaningful.
Take the time to nuture the connections that uplift you.

Humans need touch to survive and thrive.
Don't forget to hug your loved ones.
Pat your friends on the back, literally and figuratively.

Forgiveness is life-changing because it puts you in charge.
You become empowered.

Prayer is asking God to transform the situation and become the heart of your life.
Take time each day to nuture this connection.

Hope is the knowledge that even in the worst of times
We can triumph over hardship and sorrow and grow in spirit.
Hope is what sustains humanity.

We can't always choose our circumstances, but we can choose our attitudes towards them.

Admire the good in yourself and in those around you.

Happiness involves giving freely to others and not necessarily wanting something in return.

Reading removes boundaries.

Words are freedom. Words are power.

Avoid doing something just because everyone said you should.
Give yourself permission to relax.
Simon Webbe - No Worries

I just know your life's gonna change
Gonna get a little better
Even on the darkest day
I just know your life's gonna change
Gonna get a little further
Right until the feelings changed

So, is this how it goes?
Think you've come this far with nothing to show
That ain't so, no
You don't see where you are
And if you don't bother to look back you'll never know

Cause you think that you've been living, just treading water
And waiting in the wings for the show to begin
But I always see you searching
As you try that bit harder
Getting closer, oh yeah, to the life you're imagining

(I just know your life's gonna change)
Maybe not today, maybe not today
Some day soon you'll be all right
(I just know your life's gonna change)
Don't turn the other way, turn the other way
Feels like luck is on your side
(Just wanna live)
No worries, no worries
(Don't wanna die)
No worries, no worries
(Fight thought the lows)
Say it for me, say it for me,
(And take all the highs)
We all need somebody
(Yeah you can sink)
no worries, no worries
(Or you can swim)
No worries, no worries
(Or walk on out)
Say it for me, say it for me,
(Or jump right in)
We all need somebody

So, baby keep drifting on
Your endantence ain't just selfless wasted time
Seek and find, yeah yeah
You're not that far from what you've hoped and wished for all along

Cause you think that you've been living, just treading water
And waiting in the wings for the show to begin
But I always see you searching
As you try that bit harder
Getting closer, oh yeah, to the life you're imagining


[simon webbe]
I just know your life's gonna change
Say it for me, say it for me
We all need somebody

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Believing For A Supernatural Year

You have made some great choices
that will greatly affect your health and well-being for this next year!
This time next year, you will not recognize yourself,
IF you keep those commitments to yourself! : )
You are being transformed!

Joel Osteen Believing For A Supernatural Year.mp3
You might have planned on having an average year,
but God has already lined up an extraordinary year.
It doesn't matter what has happened in the past or even this year,
God still wants to show Himself strong and has a plan for your life.
He not only wants to meet your needs,
He wants to give you the desires of your heart
and even the hidden dreams that no one knows about but you.
You may not see how it can happen; but remember, God has a way.

You might feel like your dreams are too big,
a relationship is too far gone,
or you're dealing with a sickness you think you have to live with the rest of your life.
But Scripture says, "Is there anything too hard for God?"

It's time to get a new vision for your life this year and put on a new attitude.
God is all powerful and can turn any situation around.
It doesn't matter what it looks like in the natural.
He is a supernatural God.
You may have seen victories in your past,
but what God wants to do in your future is going to supercede anything you've ever seen before!

This is your year for far and beyond favor.

This is your year for supernatural opportunities and connections,
a new day for God's supernatural favor and breakthrough.
Release your faith for a supernatural year.