Sunday, April 18, 2010

There is a Shift, a Change, a Whole-Life-Makeover Happening Around the Raw Food Rehab Unit!! Do You Feel It?

Things are falling into place...Life is beginning to synchronize!!

Everyone is finding their own place.
The last several weeks have been a preparation for the BIG OVERHAUL in our lives!

Are you ready!! READY FOR A NEW LIFE?
...Ready to run forward and grab ahold of the life that is waiting for us, outside of the food issues that have held us back from wholeness, fullness and contentment!?!

It is like when you start a new job...for the first couple of 2 to 3 weeks, you feel like you are trying to figure it all out and it is exhausting....and then one day you wake up and feel powerfully know how everything runs, where all the files are, where all the offices are and who is in them and what they do. You feel grounded and ready to actually feel know your way around and things are familiar...

Well, we have all been brought to the Raw Food Rehab Unit....some in many pieces and war-torn and tired; tired of the life that has not been building us up ...we are now getting our bearings and can make this time spent here powerfully life changing!! We can trust the process of change to take us where we all desire to be....into a path of freedom, into a place of peace with food, into a place where we find our lives outside of the food and all the issues that caused us to focus so heavily on it in the first place!

Raw food placed into our bodies pushes out the old toxins stored in our our minds, in our spirits...when that is happening we experience detox...hey, that is what REHAB UNITS are known for!!! So let's not focus on the detox....when something happens, just chalk it up to detox and look further ahead and not get stumped over the release of the junk in our cells, our minds and spirits....

We don''t live in the Raw Food Rehab Unit is just a place to let go of the past and reach out and embrace the make the most of your stay here....set your sights high...when you do not achieve your goals as quickly, just RELAX.....they will come, when you realize that you have the rest of your life...if you are making this as a lifestyle change, to grow and change to become who you were created to be!!

Let's all be ready for instruction ...let's all participate...let's all make this time together beneficial for everyone who is here...Think of ways to encourage others and give of yourself...get the focus off of yourself and see how quickly your life begins to transform!! Your sharing of what is helping you will be just the tip, or recipe or phrase that will take the edge off for someone else!! And if you are thinking of leaving the Rehab unit, please think again...if you are not here, there will be a hole, a space that someone else cannot cover!! There is only one YOU and we need you, as much as you need us!!

Let's stand at attention and in formation like an army unit does...ready for the day's orders!! Let's carry them out and even if it tires us alittle or alot, embrace the inner changes so the outside changes can blossom forth!!

When you put your head to the pillow tonight and every night, recall all the manuevers we had to do...all the running in place, all the obstacles we had to climb over...all the challenges we met together and helped each other through....and REST PEACEFULLY and awaken refreshed and ready to do it all over again, day after day, until it becomes routine and we do not resist the change anymore! And we then begin to look and feel like the people with purpose we all desire to be!

Attention!!! BE AT EASE!!
Huggggggggs, grins and prayers,
Susan: )

IF You have not yet joined us at the Hab, come on over!


  1. Great blog! Susan
    Thanks for befriending me on facebook.
    This blog topic/raw foods is my newest dietary/physiological/psychological shift.
    It has been working for my weight loss also. Lost 40 lbs. in the last 6 months.
    Am more healthy and energetic. My psychology has shifted away from red meats. I am a follower of "The World Peace diet" also.
    Have a great Sunday

  2. feeling fabulous, raw food and sunshine, working in the garden, growing my own : ).


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