Monday, April 5, 2010


Life is good!
All around me are opportunities for growth....and I am taking them!
I am embracing change...not running from it...
My chosen responses to the circumstances
that encircle me will make all the difference in the end.

I choose not to let my emotions enter into the picture.
I am riding on the crest of the wave,
not crashing but enjoying the ride!

I am keeping my focus on moving forward.
Keeping my eyes on the prize:

...a forever energized healthy body

...a clear mind and a strong spirit...

Nothing that comes my way is worth giving up my focus.

When I SET my attention on the good things

and do not give place to any of the difficult things...
I am in charge of where I am going...
I have set my face like a flint

....and am turning into the wind
My sails are full and I am FREE!

I will stay my course...and with GREAT EASE...
There is no more struggle, but simple celebration...

Susan : )


  1. Ride that wave Susan. There is no room left in my life either for the negative, only positive, and I too am enjoying the ride for once. I'm on the wave right behind you, lol.


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