Friday, April 16, 2010

What You Can Expect From Your Stay At The Raw Food Rehab Mansion

We can all remember (or maybe I am dating myself here!) the show with Robin Leach, "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous." People with unlimited wealth jet-setting all over the world in high forms of luxury that seemed outrageous. Amazing things they do, spending their time and money on things I cannot even begin to grasp. It wowed me and still does.

As ones who have the Lifestyle of the Raw and Healthy, we can walk in unlimited health and energy and vitality. And because of this, we "raise our norm of living." What may seem outrageous to those around us who are not doing what we are the norm for us. We spend our time and money doing things that promote this healthy lifestyle.

We fill our shopping carts with food filled with LIFE. We choose the BEST fuel for our bodies, minds and spirits. We have a light in our step and in our eyes...people take notice. Some of them see the results in us and jump on in with us...Others cannot begin to grasp how and why we do what we do. But that doesn't stop us. Our priorities are set in place. We now walk to the beat of a different drummer. Our lives no longer are defined as they once were.


The definition of the word "passionately" is: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling.

What exactly is the LIFESTYLE of the Raw and Healthy?
What does it look like?

The definition of the word "lifestyle" is: the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.
What are the habits of the Raw and Healthy?
What are the attitudes of the Raw and Healthy?
What are the tastes of the Raw and Healthy?

What are the CHOICES of the Raw and Healthy?
What is the MIND-SET of the Raw and Healthy?

Ponder this...What are your "Raw Routines"

How is your lifestyle changing?
How are your habits changing?
How are your attitudes changing?
How are your tastes changing?

How are your choices changing?
How is your mind-set changing?
Wheatgrass Wishes,

and Green Smoothie Dreams,
Susan :)

PS...I hear some saying that they have fallen off the wagon...
Just wanted to let you know...
that we do not have a "wagon" here at the Raw Food Rehab Mansion!

We ride around "in style" ...we have a limousine....
and I can't find a great reason to leave THIS limo!
Besides, Charles, our RFR Limo Driver has secured and locked the doors!! : )

IF you have not yet joined us over at the Raw Food Rehab Mansion....come on over now!

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