Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Do you know how to train an elephant? Changing our thinking....letting go of what limits us...

Do you know how to train an elephant?
When a baby elephant is born, it knows only one thing: Mom! She is her baby’s primary place of safety and source of nourishment. As long as the mother is tied with a length of rope to the stake, the baby elephant stays within the limits of the mother out of necessity. Soon the baby elephant’s leg is tied to its own rope and stake. The rope is not very thick and is not driven very deep into the ground. Early on, the baby elephant knows its limitations. It can only go as far as the rope will allow.

Several years later when the baby has grown, the animal is an ominous sight. Although it possesses immense strength, its leg is still tied to a thin rope. The length of rope from the post is the only distance this huge, powerful animal will go. Anyone can see that with only a slight effort, the elephant could snap the rope in two. Yet, it does not! Why? Tied to the stake, that rope has always been the elephant’s limiting factor in life.

Years later, when the elephant feels the slightest resistance from the rope, Although the animal is thousands of pounds heavier, it BELIEVES that it can go no further. This illustrates the power of a yoke. Today, many people are bound to the limits of repetitive cycles of attitude, frustration, fear, behavior, and other bondages. Although the Greater One lives within them, they accept these false limits as the boundaries of their lives.

Have you been trained like an elephant? Does the old perimeter of fear still stand as your limiting boundary?

What habits have you formed since childhood over food boundaries? Did you have boundaries? Dealing with these issues will relieve the pressure when in comes to change.

Apply the above story to the Raw Foods Lifestyle.

Breaking through the wall of fear that holds you back from fully enjoying this lifestyle.
Reset your thinking!!!

Excerpt from: Make Fear Bow By Gary V. Whetstone

These are some notes I wrote out in the first person.

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