Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Healthy Raw Solutions

As most of you know, I work closely with Penni Shelton in running Raw Food Rehab.

Penni has a newly revised Ebook that she recommends to all of our members.

I want to make you aware of it in case you just want to get your curiosity satisfied as to what is going on during our 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiatives.

OUR next Initiative begins April 10th.

Come join us and get ready for the BEST REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Just in time for Spring & Raw Food Rehab's upcoming 11 Week Total Health & Weight Loss Initiative! Are you ready to kick start your 11 Weeks with a goal-setting, vision inspiring, motivational raw food solution eBook? Healthy Raw Solutions is a newly updated version of the very successful New Year's RawSolutions eBook that we used at Raw Food Rehab as a help to our last 11 Wk. Initiative.

Simply click on the photo of the eBook at the left of this post to order your copy for just $5!

I promise that this gem will exceed your expectations with 45 delicious and cleansing raw food recipes (10 newly added), most of which require nothing more than a knife, cutting board and a blender.

This eBook will act as a companion to successfully steer you into an empowered upcoming 11 Weeks, helping to equip you with recipes, focus and purpose!

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