Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our "Special Central Secret Place in Cyber Space"

This is a place we call HOME,
a place to hang our hats,
kick off our shoes,
drink our Green Smoothies,
and share our lives....
a place to give and draw strength,
a cafe where wisdom is served up with sides of resources and experiences.

Any time during the day..whether early in the morning,
or after a day at work, or even in the middle of the night,
each of us logs in to get energized and empowered
to embrace this raw lifestyle...
linking arms,
patting each other on the back with hugs and grins,
laughing and sharing together!!

Questions are answered with the collective experience of this group.
Solutions come with great ease along this journey
because everyone has so much
to share, to give, to glean and to learn.

There is a specialness about this group.
We can all feel it...
It is why we find ourselves thinking about each other
when we are not online together...
why we send up prayers
when someone is going through a challenge...
why we see some fresh produce and think to ourselves,
"I gotta try that recipe that so and so posted!"
or "I gotta check in to see
how they did in that special circumstance they were talking about."

This is a Central Gathering Place....
sometimes it is so super BUSY
with blogs and posts and pictures and videos
zipping around like people and trains in Grand Central Station!
Someone is always coming in from or running out
to catch the next train to our lives outside.
Rarely is there a "quiet moment" here
as we are all on different time zones...
so someone is always up and moving around the place.

In the Kitchen/Dining area,
you can hear the sounds of the food processors
and the whir of the Vita-mix in the background
as the conversations interweave.
Recipe sharing is one of the hot topics here.
Over a tall glass of Green Smoothie,
I can hear several people discussing
the symptoms that have mysteriously disappeared
and the ways that they are now spending all that excess energy...
how great they feel as the food does all the work!!

As you pass the Fitness room,
a squeal of delight is heard as someone steps onto the scale
only to find that they have lost the weight
of burdensome emotions they have carried for too long!
Everyone comes along side to celebrate the release!
There are many forms of loving body movement encouraged here...
You can take a Hooping class or join the walker's name it, we have it!

In the Media Room / Library,
you can watch videos,
flip through photo albums,
read blogs,
check out books...
take your pick!

In the Common Area, people always gather here,
sharing about their day and laughter is heard all through the Unit...
you are drawn here by all the activity!
Hey, someone just turned up the music....
they are rolling back the carpets..
getting ready for a kick-it-up time in the house!!
Singing and dancing!!

Too much noise for you?
Drop by the Chapel and collect your thoughts there.
It is a place to rest your mind, lift up a prayer or share a need.

If you want some more peace and quiet, come with me out to the patio.
Rest under the shade of the lush fruit trees...
Listen to the birds singing...
take out your journal and reflect on your day.
Or you can take a tour of the Raw Food Rehab Garden Habitat.
Pick some delicious fruit from the trees.
See what is growing out here...
plant something...
Harvest some of the fresh, organic produce.
Fill a basket with whatever you would like back to the kitchen.
The climate here is such as to refresh and sustain us;
the conditions are right for growth:

There is enough food (information and inspiration) to nourish us:
body, soul (mind, will and emotions) and spirit!

There is enough water (encouraging words)
to keep us refreshed.

There is enough good soil (our hearts are tender and open)
for us to plant our roots down deep into.

There is enough LIGHT that is shining brightly through the windows of our souls
to produce a chlorophyll within us like wheatgrass and sunflower greens...
ready for others to receive so that we can exchange our strengths!
This is the lifeblood of our Home!
We are being soaked, sprouted, planted and harvested to help each other!

This is a breeding ground for creativity to be unleashed!
A place to "test out our wings" so to speak..
a proving ground, a research center..
an environment where we are practicing over and over
"until we get it" and we find acceptance and love.

This is a safe place where secrets
to beginning and developing and maintaining
the raw lifestyle are shared...
This is a place of discovery within ourselves...
as to who we are
and what we need to do for ourselves
and where we are going.

We can liken our raw food journey to a little child learning to walk,
determined to do it without hesitation or fear (for fear is a learned behavior)
with only eyes for the personal goals we have set
and a hand up from a fellow member if we trip or fall.

A nurturing spirit is in this haven.
It is a non-threatening, secure zone,
free from debate and drama.
It is a peaceful, restful, relaxing little corner of the world and it all ours!
All this with a backdrop of love and caring....

This place cannot be marked on a map...
it is only somewhere out there in cyber space...
It is only as real as the typed words that find their place etched in our hearts,
or the visual pictures or movies in our minds that are replaying memories.
It is really an invisible world made visible to us
because we have chosen to embrace this way of life
that most have never experienced the joy of.

We are "rehabbing" or removing the old habits that have only brought us pain.
We are developing new habits of tender nurturing self-care and love for ourselves.
We are at a place within this space to take our lives to the next level.
We see ourselves as empowered and energized to let our lives make a difference.

Spend some time thinking about the new raw lifestyle you are living...
breathe in deeply and be prepared for the BEST REST OF YOU LIFE!!

Enjoy getting settled into your suite...have fun exploring your new home!
Hugggggggggs and handing you a fresh Green Smoothie,
Susan : )

PS: Can you say, Our "Special Central Secret Place in Cyber Space" 5 times really fast?? grins... : ) Coupons for more Green Smoothies are the prizes...

IF you have not yet joined us at Raw Food Rehab, consider this your invitation!


  1. MMMMmmm Susan, it makes me want this virtual reality to be real, so I can come and hang out there for a while! Congrats!


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