Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where is YOUR Focus?

Your mind is yours exclusively.
Take possession of it, and use it to get what you want out of life.

One optimist can have more constructive influence than 1000 pessimists.

Worries that we do not feed quickly die of hunger.

If your mind can make you sick -and it can- don’t forget that it can also give you health.

A well disciplined mind knows very few limits.

A negative mind never attract happiness or success, except their opposite.

Each brain is an emitter and receptor of vibrations emanating from thoughts.

Your “real” age, is determined by your attitude, not the number of years.

Your mind is the only element that you control exclusively.
Avoid using it for meaningless conversations.

Most diseases begin with a negative mind.

Only an open mind can grow.

Some people always have problems, because their mind is focused on problems & worries.
The mind attracts what it entertains.

Your mind belongs to you, as well as the responsibility to use it well.

Modify your attitude and your environment will change accordingly.

A positive person finds every possible way to succeed.
A negative person finds every possible way not to succeed.

Focus your mind on what you want out of life, not what you do not want.

If you can’t manage your own attitude, what makes you think you can manage that of others?

Once we close the doors to negative thoughts, a door of opportunity opens up.

You can’t control how others act,
but you can control how you react to these acts,
and that’s what counts the most for you.

Life is never easy for a person that is bitter in regards to its surroundings.

Never forget that problems go where they are invited.

Enthusiasm makes the wheel of imagination turn.



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