Saturday, July 31, 2010

Average or Extraordinary...Your CHOICE!

Isn't it funny how you can have one apparently random thought that then transpires into meaning something really quite profound?

Take the phrase If You Eat an "Average" Diet, You'll Have an "Average" Body for example. This is what came to me just a few weeks ago. I can't remember exactly how or where it happened but I know I was comparing the physique of someone who looked slim and healthy with someone who didn't. Not in a shallow way, you understand, but in a deeper, questioning, reflective one... And I thought, "You know, even though raw has a huge part to play in how we look and feel, what it really comes down to for someone, if they're after a certain physique that is outstanding in some way, is to NOT do what most other people are doing, otherwise you'll look like most other people."

Common sense I know, but sometimes you just have to hear it or see it a certain way to really get it.

And with most people these days being out of shape, well, I know for my own part, that having an "average" western body is just not exciting to me! (I've been there and I was miserable; I felt permanently held back on every level. My body was a symptom of other "stuck" issues and vice-versa. I wanted to know how it would be to be slim and what a difference it would make. It made a BIG difference).


If you are not happy with the shape your body is in right now, get ready for revelation! It's time to grab a pen and paper and ask yourself some thought-provoking questions:

1) What am I eating right now on a regular basis that is "average"?

2) What am I drinking right now on a regular basis that is "average"?

3) What am I thinking about my body on a regular basis that is "average?"

4) What am I doing with my body (or not doing) on a regular basis that is "average?

When you're done, take your pen and next list out answers to all of the same questions but this time in terms of being EXTRAORDINARY. Ask yourself what you can do differently to be extraordinary rather than average and see what comes.

It's a fun exercise isn't it?

The fact is, doing things in an "average" or "ordinary" way will get you those types of results - and that's fine if that's what you want. (And trust me, I totally get why sometimes that is perfect for us - we always create the body that best serves us for whatever reason). But if it's NOT what you want then doing things in a different or extraordinary way will get you THOSE types of results.

My guess is that you're here to be extraordinary in one or more ways. If you are, you know what to do!

If your body is not your concern then pick another area of your world that is and ask the same questions, tweaking to suit.

I look forward to hearing more about what you discover and commit to as a result...

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