Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change (guest blogger)

Change is something that at one time (and perhaps again in the future) I rebelled against. I faught it and thrashed against it, complaining and doing my best to control the events and transformation in process. Today, when I find myself trying to control or manipulate a situation I oft find that it is change that I am fighting again. The difference is that now I focus on creating space for the change... opening up to the possibilities it will bring.
Being a visual person I have likened this to a rock in a river, stream or some other moving body of water. At one time I was the rock, covered with hard edges and angles, cleaved from the security of the ledge and holding my own against the flow; fighting it and pushing back. Now I am still that rock but time has a way of opening you up if you allow it, softening the edges and more going with the flow. The waters of change wash over me, taking with it bits of ego and false steadfastness that are not necessary to my existance. Allowing me to delight in the activity of the water, the temperature and the speed at which it passes over, around and even through me.
Change is inevitable and in that it is dependable. Being willing to be open to change, without fighting against it, frees me to live my life fully and without holding of tension, animosity or a feeling of right and/or wrong. This freedom creates a space big enough for the present to unfold... having my mind in the moment, allowing for joy, peace, and even sadness and the like is a gift. A beautiful gift that I, personally, could have only found by struggling against the inevitable and failing (becoming me to try something new).

My wish for you today is to be open to change, allow its highs and lows to alter how you see yourself, your life and interact with others. To know that the changes that happen may be put into action by your efforts but that you cannot control the outcome..... see the beauty in not being in control of that and embrace the unfolding (here in your RAW journey and in life at large).

Ren justRen, a fellow Raw Food Rehabber
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