Saturday, July 17, 2010

Need to Veg Out?

When you get overwhelmed, do you just crash out in front of the TV?
Watching mindlessly, eating mindlessly.... using the remote control to flip by life?
Trying to numb yourself and finding yourself wanting to dial up for a pizza?

Instead of turning on the TV and being tempted by the food commercials, spend some time at the computer logged in to RFR. Each room has so much information chocked full into every corner of it!

There are videos to watch and articles to read and discussions to jump in get insight for yourself or give information to others. If you are going to "VEG OUT", then do it HERE!! Trade in your remote for your computer and log in to Raw Food Rehab!

You will get no temptations from S.A.D. food commercials. You will only find "licking the screen" pictures/recipes to make your raw life journey more pleasant and fun! And GUILT-FREE!! If you have a craving for something sweet, then make a raw treat...even if you eat alot of it, in time to come you will get over the newness of it and will settle in. When I first went raw, every new sweet I made, I made every week and ate it all the it is just a bite here and there...

I just pulled a few of my favorite Penni Main Page Forum Videos up...those that I watch over and over again! Instead of watching "I Love Lucy" reruns, watch "I Love Penni" : ) Maybe you have not seen them or just need to hear them again...So pull up a chair, or sit on an exercise ball in front of the computer like I do or plunk yourself down on the couch and ENJOY:

Going Raw- Making the Shift

Community Code
Best Gameplan for Raw Food Success
Change your mind--change your life
Addicted or Habitually Inclined
Finding Hope & Silencing the BeastRaw Food Success -Always be prepared
Where do YOU get your PROTEIN?

Getting Motivated while I am Vegetating!**
Munching on my kale chips and drinking (you guessed it...) a Green Smoothie!
Susan : ) access the above links, you need to sign in to Raw Food Rehab!

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