Saturday, July 3, 2010

Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star Digital Books by Penni Shelton NOW AVAILABLE!

The Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star digtial materials are finished and available for download to all members of The Vault - Rawk Star Lockdown. I have spent a great deal of time putting this information together and I trust that this collection will be a source of tangible support for you during our coming 11 Week Initiative.

When you join The Vault, you will be able to download all 3 digital books: 
Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star - 77 Days to Radiant Health & Weight Loss
Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star - In The Kitchen (a collection of nearly 100 raw food recipes)
and Revealing Your Inner Rawk Star - The Photos (beautiful digtial photography of some of our featured foods and of finished recipes)  Additionally there are 2 other documents that can be downloaded:
Your Rawk Star Market List (a shopping guide) & Rawk Star Journal Pages

For $33 dollars you will receive all of this material and will be granted access to the higher level of accountability that is offered inside of the Vault during our upcoming Initiative, which will run from Saturday, July 10th - Friday, September 24th, 2010. Time is of the essence if you are planning to be part of this, as the cut off to join the Vault and have all of your beginning information uploaded in on July 8th 10pm EST. 

This digital material is also available to any member of the Raw Food Rehab for $33 and it can be ordered by clicking here.  If you will not be participating in The Vault, but would like this material emailed to you directly, please tell Penni this when you are paying. And for those who have paid and who are members of The Vault - Rawk Star Lockdown, your information is immediately available by clicking here.

Click here if you would like more information on our upcoming 11 Week Initiative or The Vault

In order to gain access to some of these links, you must be a member of Raw Food Rehab.  Click HERE to join us!  In a recent blog post here on Raw Energy Eating, I posted the related videos...Click HERE!

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  1. Today is my birthday 10 th July and it is the first day in a new beginning


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