Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today is Your Day for a Personal Turnaround!


Today is Your Day for a Personal Turnaround!
by Pastor Gregory Dickow

Do you need a TURNAROUND in your life ... sadness turned into joy ...
poverty turned into prosperity ... adversity turned into a blessing?
The good news is that God is in the TURNAROUND business!
He's your TURNAROUND specialist. I want to encourage you
today with the message that right now is a perfect time
for a major personal TURNAROUND in your life!

What do you need turned around? Whether it's a financial issue
... a legal matter ... a family situation ... related to your health or
emotions, God knows how to come through for you like no one
else can. I want to help you learn to put your hope and trust
in God ... to feel confident in any situation that He will step in
on your behalf and bring about exactly the opposite of what
the devil had planned for you.

The Bible says that there is “power in the tongue,” and that the first
step in making something exciting happen in your life is to speak it.
See the the pdf file below with what you need to do to get the
TURNAROUND you’re especially needing in your personal life.

TODAY is your day for a TURNAROUND! I want to give you the
Scripture verses you can declare for your victorious turnaround
and the simple steps you can take to facilitate your TURNAROUND
any day of the week, any month of the year.

Today, you can position yourself for a turnaround!
Use this insightful tool to jump start your own personal TURNAROUND,
and let God intervene in your life in an incredible way!


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