Saturday, September 4, 2010

Resting in the Stress...

Stress is a part of life that I can embrace and enjoy.

Life is indeed stressful, but we are designed for this. We are made for stress, and a life of tension does not equate to a life of unhappiness. Just think of an athlete right before he hits a home-run. He is nervous, and the situation is tense, but never for a minute is he unhappy. He is where he belongs. He is using the stress to his advantage, and enjoying the release that ultimately comes with victory.

I accept the stress when I feel it. I realize that it is natural. I understand that it is my bodies way of coping with frustration. It floods my body with powerful chemicals that would enable me to fight. It gives me strength and courage. I could snap and attack if necessary. These are wonderful things. I appreciate stress for what it is.

At times I don’t need it though. The power it gives me is not necessary. The drain on my energy is wasted. My body does not know this though, and I have to coach it. I have to feel the stress building, recognize its symptoms, and calm myself down. I close my eyes, breathe in as deeply as I can, and let my mind lightly drift away like soft clouds. I feel the stress settle and the warmth of peace return. Soon I’m calm and the stress is gone.

I know that stress has a purpose and I appreciate what it empowers me to do. Without its role in my life, I would be a weaker person. I also know how to recognize it for what it is. I know when I want it and when I don’t. I am learning to control it, harness it for good, and ease it away when unnecessary.

Questions of Reflection:

1. Do I know how to recognize the symptoms of stress?
2. Do I appreciate it for what it is?
3. Do I know how to calm myself when it is unnecessary


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  1. Thank you for this Susan!
    hugs, debra


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