Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Know Who I Am...

I know who I am.
What I think about the world forms the personality and outlook that shapes my life. I know who I am, and that doesn’t change in the presence of others. I am positive and comfortable with my beliefs. I know what I know, what I don’t know, and what I’d like to know. I know who I am and I love who I am.

I trust myself. Down to my core, I am certain about my life. I listen to myself, even when it is easier not to. My core beliefs guide my life and help me navigate the seas of confusion. I trust myself, even when others push me in the other direction.

I am able to reflect on my life, search out my deepest feelings, and figure out who I am and how I should live my days on this planet. What I believe today isn’t necessarily what I believed yesterday. I am able to grow, change, and learn. My core instincts guide me, and sometimes my positions in life can evolve. I am open to new ideas. Even though I may disagree with my loved ones, I never have to second-guess who I am as a person.

I have faith in my abilities. I can look inside, open myself up to their reasoning, and reflect. They may open some windows that were closed to me, and by doing so, change the way I see the world. Change is good, and we should be open to it. The more we see, the more we grow.

Questions of Reflection:
1. Do I let other’s beliefs affect my behavior?
2. How can I better trust myself and grow from this trust?
3. Do I respect my own instincts and reasoning?



  1. Love this Susan - have you ever given any thought to becoming a coach? Maybe you already are one (professionally speaking), but if you're not, you'd be a natural!!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks Susan!
    Hugs, Debra


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