Saturday, May 8, 2010

What Price Am I Willing to Pay For My Health?

Thinking about
how willing I am
to do whatever it takes
to grow and change
and become who I want to be!!

The bottom line is:
No matter who around me is growing or changing or not...

I am the only one who can change me.

Just hanging around those who are growing and changing won't make me change...It can influence me if I let it. But I have to be the one making the best choices every day.

My two hands put the food to my mouth.

No one is force feeding me cooked food.

My feet can bring movement to my body.

Am I willing to move?

I am very aware of my personal responsibility for my own health.
What price do I put on my health?

I am investing in my health with raw food, loving movement and good self-care.

Today will reflect my BEST choices and the rewards that result from them!

I Am Willing To Pay The Price That Great Health Requires!

Are You??!! : )

Grins and Green Smoothies,
Susan : )

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