Saturday, May 22, 2010

Have You Ever Seen Something Sooo Delicious and BEAUTIFUL?

Isn't That Just GORGEOUS?!! And 100% Edible, Too!
My friend, Amie Sue has clearly tapped into something uniquely special. Her arrangements are an order of magnitude more creative, inspired, realistic, and appetizing than anything we've seen! Seriously, just LOOK at that picture. Can you believe that you can EAT that bouquet???!!! Veggie bouquets:

Make superb, memorable gifts -- an instant wonder, every time one is given! These are instant conversation pieces. People will be so blown away, they won't even want to eat them!

Promote health -- instead of giving cakes or other sweets to someone on that special occasion. Show someone you care by giving the best gift ever!

Encourage kids to eat their veggies! Kids go absolutely nuts for these things. Veggies are boring, but veggie flowers that you can eat are FUN FUN FUN!

Can be turned into a lucrative sideline business! Learn the craft and you could easily become THE go-to person in your neck of the woods. Chances are, there is no one near you doing this!


Order this amazing eBook for $19.99 and you'll get:

The eBook -- 40+ pages of photo-rich, step-by-step instructions on making your own veggie bouquets, including a bonus chapter on making and selling Veggie Bouquets as a business.

Many, many tips and tricks from Amie Sue -- sourcing your veggies, storage, serving suggestions, etc.

A listing of suggested tools, along with a discussions on where to source the equipment you'll need.

A bonus eBook from Pure Jeevan entitled "Raw Dressings" offering a dozen mouthwatering recipes for salad dressings with which you can enjoy your bouquets!

All eBooks delivered immediately upon payment (so no waiting!) as Adobe PDF files you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader if you can't already open a PDF). Once you purchase the book, you will be directed to a page where you can download the books immediately! You'll also be told how to join the free community of others making Veggie Bouquets!

Click HERE to purchase!

Check out Amie Sue's recipe website...It is out of this world! : )


  1. yes i have because someone locally made one of these! amazing!


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