Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Keeping Your Energy High...

What are you grateful for?

What made you happy?
What energized you?
What barrier did you overcome?
What changed you?
What triggered your creativity?
What deepened your spirituality?
What kindness did you experience?
What did others do for you?
What inspired you?
What made you feel good?
What difficulty taught you an important lesson?

Gratitude is a mind state that leads to happiness and contentment.
So, it’s good to go forward into the new year with a grateful heart.
We can get caught up in negative emotions, like resentment or anger.
But such emotions are destructive and painful for you as well as for others.

Whenever you notice that you’re energy is negative, ask yourself:
“What am I grateful for?”


I have heard it said
that it has been scientifically proven
that negative thoughts/words bring your vibration lower
and that positive thoughts/words bring your vibration higher.

When our vibration is higher, we are healthier! Click here!

We are putting LIVE foods into our bodies to have that vibration let's do it with our intentions, thoughts and words as well!

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