Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fence Jumpers...

Do you have what you want? Or are you a "have not"?
Do you have the "want to" or are you "not wanting to"?

If you want your kitchen painted green, then don't buy blue paint!

If you want your body healthy, then only put food in that will fuel your body...then only move your body as it was created to move!

If you want peace of mind, then only think on good things.

When it comes right down to it....the bottom line is:

Are you looking for ways and implementing them to better your life, your health, etc.?

Are you compromising what you know, that will bring about change and still expecting results?

If you are happy and content with where you are today, then keep on doing what you are doing.

If you are not happy and content with where you are today, then DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!

When you are sitting on the fence, you then get frustrated because you have not focused your energies and thoughts on one thing. It is indecision that brings discouragement....so jump OFF the fence .... This simple act will set things in motion and you will not recognize your life anymore! You will be amazed at the peace and joy you will experience overnight! You will become who you were meant to be all along!

You got the "POWER" to change!!
Plug yourself into that POWER (the power of a decision) and enjoy your new life!

Any Fence Jumpers out there? Come and experience the grass** that is "greener on the other side!"

**Wheatgrass and Green Smoothies, of course : )

Susan : )


  1. Have you been spying on me???
    Listening in on my thoughts perhaps???


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