Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great Info from The Creative Health Institute

Mental Attitude and HealingWe've noticed at Creative Health Institute that guests that say,
"I can, I will and I do," get better;
those who say, "I can't, I won't and I don't," don't.
~Jim Carey

Dr. Ann Wigmore teaches that toxemia and deficiency are the root causes of all disease.

Deficiency that means that our bodies are undernourished, and are not receiving the proper types and amount of food the body needs. The digestive tract is being overloaded and allergies have developed. Dr. Ann Wigmore believes that about eighty per cent of the population has deficiency disorders because of the bodies inability to digest food. This is why she has developed methods for blending, sprouting, and fermenting. Living Food is supremely efficient nourishment that returns the body to health and productive self-healing.

Toxemia is a term used to describe poisons that are stored in the body. Toxins are formed from eating impure or unnatural, processed and chemicalized foods. Dr. Ann teaches that the body can release these stored poisons by feeding it with Living Food in easy-to-digest form. Once the body eliminates stored poisons that have accumulated in the bloodstream the cells are able to receive nourishment, thus enabling the immune system to strengthen and rebuild.

Living Food is food provided by nature, organically grown and in its original uncooked state. It provides the body with the life-giving, easy-to-digest nourishment which is needed to strengthen the immune system. Seeds, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables in their natural, uncooked state are the Living Food which is used for rebuilding health - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The Living Food Lifestyle is a total approach to life. Dr. Ann has been teaching this way of life for over thirty years. At the Ann Wigmore Foundation, individuals who are willing to change their lifestyle come to learn simple and inexpensive ways to grow their own Living Food indoors.

Easy-to-Digest Nourishment is the key factor to restoring and strengthening a weakened immune system. Food prepared in easy-to-digest form allow the cells to absorb fully the life-force energy produced by enzymes. The methods developed by Dr. Ann include: blending, fermenting, sprouting and growing greens indoors organically.

Dr. Ann has observed thousands of people overcome all the illnesses which are plaguing our world today, simply by following the Living Food Lifestyle. Living Food provides energy and has the ability to provide may other benefits. It is especially a great contributor to spiritual growth.

The reason so many people have addictions is that their bodies have not received proper nourishment. Nutritional deficiency is a very serious condition. If the person's body is undernourished, energies are depleted, resulting in physical, emotional imbalances. When the nourishment of Living Food is supplied in easily digestible form, however, the body, mind and emotions become balanced and whole again. It has been proven over and over again that when the body receives ample and balanced nourishment, there is no desire for stimulants.

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  1. Would love for you to visit CHI when you have the chance. We have some really great programs for 2012. The Health Education Director is Bobby and the new program are amazing. Check out the new health education programs he has implemented.
    Hope to see you in 2012


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