Thursday, May 20, 2010

Show Me YOUR Refridgerator! : )

Take me to your Leader....I mean, Refridgerator!! In a way, our fridges will lead the way to our success in the Raw and Living Foods Lifestyle...whatever is in them will find their ways to our fill them up with alive foods that will nourish and serve YOU! : )

Pulling out from the RFR Video Archives

And here is Today's Video:

Measure your fridge shelf...and purchase the appropriate size container.

My container was a 32-34 quart size. If you have a small side by side fridge...just get the size that works for YOU.. I want to see everyone's Salad Bar to GO! Please post your videos and pics below!

I know that there are alot more items I could have added to the salad bar...please add to my list your favorites!

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Jerry and Mary live near me and are willing to try anything I make! : )

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