Thursday, May 20, 2010

Fueling Vs. Feeling

Fueling vs. Feeling

Why do I eat?

What is the purpose for eating?
Why do I put food into my mouth?

Why do I fill up my car with gas?
Not because the car LIKES it!
Not because something is wrong with the brakes ,
and it NEEDS gas..."Gimme Gas, gimme gas!
My brakes aren't working.
It will make me feel better"

But that is what I have done.
"My foot hurts,"
Eat something to make it feel better.

"Somebody just called me a name."
Wolf down some food to take away the pain.

Imagine a car saying, "My tires are bald, give me more gas!" : )
I would never overflow my gas tank when filling up my car....
Why would I do it to my body?

I no longer eat for the feeling...I eat for the different!!

Other ways I look at this now are:

Since cooked food is no longer my lover, I don't have to answer it when it calls my name.....I simply don't respond. By taking food off the pedestal* and placing it among all the other common things in life, I have removed its 'specialness' and let it find its rightful place beside all equally important things. My focus on it alone has brought me much pain.

It no longer controls me. It no longer holds such fascination for me. It is simply a servant, not royalty. It doesn't appear "larger than life" itself anymore. It is just a part of my whole life. I no longer elevate it higher than it needs to be.

I can enjoy/love people and relationships and use food to fuel my body. Instead of loving the food and using people and relationships to fuel my life. Our social life consists of food with or without people. Why can't our social life be about people with or without the food? If you notice, everything revolves around food. Why? Think about this for awhile...Every event has food, and it if doesn't have physical food there, food is talked about there, even if it is where are you going to eat after the event.

Also, I am not tuned in to the "FOOD CHANNEL". I am tuned into the "FUEL CHANNEL", listening for my body's cues for fuel. If I am not tuned into a certain radio station, I won't hear it.

Try taking the emotions out of the food....what is left is simply fuel.
Think about this...Are you eating to satisfy emotions or to fuel your body?
When you are fueling, you really enjoy the fullness of your life in all areas!

chew on this for awhile....
Susan : )

*definition: the base on which something such as a statue stands. i.e. a larger than life sized bronze statue on a granite pedestal.

F ire up my spirit
U pgrade my thinking
E xercise self-control
L ift the people around me

Personal Declarations:
When I am at optimal health, (physically strong) I can fulfill God’s plan in powerful ways
When my mind is strong, I can think clearly and hear the voice of wisdom
When my spirit is alive, I can know God’s plan and presence on a daily basis

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  1. Susan!

    I absolutely love your personal declarations. Those are the reasons I began thinking about raw food, after evaluating some of my own obsessions/problems with eating. Love this post! :)


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