Sunday, December 8, 2013

PONDERING MOMENT: Gratitude ~ Humility ~ Grace

All the TED Talks are great...and this one is thought provoking and will leave you with a sense of wonder...wondering about your own life...not maybe challenging you to live in a small space....but appreciating the space you inhabit inside yourself....CONTENTMENT AND REST.... If we do not have a peace and ease inside, our surroundings, our environment will not bring it to us.

Take some time to reflect, not on what is happening in the videos, but what is happening on the inside of you while you watch. Ponder and mull over and over in your mind, what you need to do to find what you need to discover WHO you are, then you will discover WHAT you want and WHERE you are going....When I chase my fascination of these types of videos, the BOLD font contains my reflective thoughts...they may not mirror yours...

Whatever your chosen path, choice of order to make it all sustainable, long lasting...whatever that means to you...figure it out on the inside FIRST...then it will not be such a struggle to maintain it. You are never a failure ... You are figuring out what works for YOU...and that changes in the different seasons of your life...not just because you age or your circumstances change...the seasons are defined by who you have become over time.

I first met Dee Williams when I watched the large video in the middle of this page.  I enjoy people's stories of choosing to live in a tiny space...from building their own little house to taking a closet-like space(90 sq.ft***) in of Manhattan that rents for an enormous amount of money and is smaller than one of the small bedrooms of my 1000 square foot home.

Although I would never live in a minute space, it fascinates me and helps me clear clutter of my spacious house...helping me to realize what is really enhance my life with less and not more...causing me to become more creative within the life I live, thus bringing a contentment and ease like I have never known before.  

I wanna LOVE and be LOVED...and walk in Gratitude ~ Humility ~ Grace...
I found this vid of Dee sharing and it grounded me even more....
If you do not have time for both vids, choose the first one and come back another time.

For those of you who are curious like me.....

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