Monday, April 25, 2011

AHA Moments with Susan : ) 4

I am a healthy person. I think like a healthy person.
I talk like a healthy person. I walk like a healthy person.
I believe, feel and act like a healthy person.

Like a radio that is tuned to one frequency, I am tuned to the Healthy Person's frequency.
I condition my mind to think healthy, happy, content, peaceful thoughts. I talk about the endless possibilities to all who will listen. I read what Healthy People read. I soak in what Healthy People say. I drink in their wisdom, insights and deep understandings. I listen to what Healthy People listen to.

I hang with Healthy People! I interact with Healthy People here at the Hab! I am INVOLVED in the shift and change! I comment on what is being said! I encourage others with my time. I make time to help others and as I do this...I find that I am stronger in my decisions.

I think about creating health during my days and I dream of health at night. I enjoy creating health. I am creating health and am a wise steward of it. I master my health.

I love to serve. I realize that it is the quantity an quality of my services rendered with a positive attitude that grants me unlimited, overflowing, ever-flowing compensation. I am constantly rendering increasingly better service. The better I serve my body, the better I feel.

I love challenges. I conquer any health challenging mountains with glee and joy in my heart.

There is a banquet of health ready and waiting for me I cheerfully help others on their journey to health and wholeness. Being a healthy person means I live an energized, balanced life, growing, serving, sharing...

It's great to be healthy and strong!

This year it is vital that you take seriously the fact that this is the only body you are ever going to have.

**Adapted from The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen. I believe that every self-help book out there can be applied to every part of our lives. This book specifically talks about finances. When I read this book, I could see how it can easily applied to achieving our health and wellness goals.

Letting Go Of What Limits Us

Let's keep our thoughts and words elevated....
this is one of my fav Penni videos from the RFR Archives:

Click Here for Top Tips For Elevating your Thinking and Staying Positive

2nd BONUS:
Did you know that January was National Be On-Purpose Month? (So what that it is April!!  Let's be ON-PURPOSE all year long!)  This January observance was created to encourage us to start the new year by putting our good intentions into action and to trade confusion for clarity as we integrate our lives with more meaning and purpose.

Today is a day to recognize that the expanded person you can become is the person you are in your heart already. What if you become an inspiration of what it means to live a life so in harmony with your soul’s purpose that others catch the spirit of that energy just being in your presence?

Say yes to your purpose. : )
~Mary Morrissey

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