Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have found that when I put my thoughts on paper...they no longer rattle around in my mind. It cuts the mental chatter. It puts my feelings in a safe place and gives me a chance to relax. I am able to let go of trying to make it all happen and trust that it will. I no longer have to mentally rehearse over and over all the things that have been going on. I can put them to rest, so to speak and move on.

Grab yourself a beautiful leather bound journal or a 99 cents doesn't matter...just start putting yourself on the can see yourself from a different perspective this way.

I carry a tiny notebook in my purse, there is a Dollar Store hardbound journal book beside my bed...I even have on in the bathroom and in the van. Wherever I am...when I get an idea that I don't want to forget....I jot it down. Sometimes it is just a few words...other times I write alot...some days I write nothing....sometimes my grocery list or wish list is sandwiched between all those great ideas! : )

I have been doing this for years...It has kept my emotions in them a place of their very own. A place to be heard...a private place where no one else can see. Sometimes I share some of the deep stirrings of my heart with a friend...but mostly it is for me alone.

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