Thursday, December 9, 2010

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I got this in my email box and had to share it with you : )
This is so profound....Please stop what you are doing right this...
I just love her!
Susan : )

The Positive Choice - Blogdate 12/8/10

If you are confused, a lost and wandering soul, as we can all be from time to time, right this minute, instead of turning everything over and over and over again in our confused heads, we should choose right now to go forth in to our day and our life just being a positive person. Let's make that our new goal. You can't afford the luxury of a negative thought. Not even one! They are way too destructive, and you are way too valuable of a person. Your thoughts count for so much, they are so creative, and you really need to keep each one tilted towards the light.
If a thought comes up that feels negative, put a positive spin on it, look at the bright side of it, or let it go. When positive thoughts start coming up, and they soon do, give those lots of energy! Start off every day with this intention and you'll go a long way towards being able to solve all the confusion in your life! You'll feel an instant sense of relief when you make the choice to be positive! When you really master this, even your relationship with food completely changes, with no effort.
I've been mulling over my life's direction, and the whole process has had a lot of ups and downs as things become more and more clear. Seeking the true desire of my soul, the greatest good of my family, the best direction for this heartsong business, how to integrate it with my creative ideas for books and music....Can I do all these I need to let some of it go and really focus...why doesn't one of my ideas really stand out and passionately demand my attention....what kind of a person am I really...what do I want....what is the best thing to do financially....or should I be asking myself what is it I'm most passionate about....but could I even do that with my big family....If I dedicate myself to my art passionately will I be ignoring my children....and how do I even keep track of all these questions....And after thinking and working and trying and ....I wish I could say praying....but I know I haven't been doing enough of this!....obviously!! .....
....Well, wandering around literally, in a field by the playground with my 3 year old sweetie this morning, I just decided to stop this endless search for a life's goal, and just try to be a positive person. You know the minute I thought this, my entire being just gave a sigh of relief, and my whole world changed. You just never know when a breakthrough is coming your way! And I just knew that was all I needed to do, was to think positively. Storm and I talked about it and he agreed with me how true it is that even one negative thought, if you give it energy, can breed and multiply and take over your whole being, like a cancer, perhaps even manifesting as a physical cancer. It is so important not to indulge in negative thinking just because it feels easy or entertaining or dramatic or cool....Better to feel emptiness, humility, peace, openness, receptivity....and let the equally exciting positive thoughts grow from this place.
People think you have to think about negative things or you aren't dealing with reality. You can think positively about negative things. But believing you have to think negatively is like holding on to a cooked food diet after you've felt the incredible vitality of eating raw!
Make the Positive Choice now!

In Joy!
Jinjee (email newsletter)
jinjee raw mama

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