Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Apply this to your new raw food lifestyle!

Everyone will experience waves of change.
....when the wave hits, how will you respond?
Will you allow the wave to crush you?
Or ...will you ride it to a successful future?
Will you run and hide from change?
Or... will you embrace change, learn and grow from it?
Will you choose fear Or...Faith?
During change it's easy worry,
to give up and let fear paralyze you.
However, you have more control than you think you do.
You have the power of choice.
You can choose your thoughts, beliefs and actions.
What you believe matters.
The actions you take matters.
If you believe your best days are BEHIND YOU, they are.
If you believe your best days are AHEAD OF YOU, they are.
Positive beliefs lead to powerful actions.
The choice is yours.
You can be a victim or a hero.
You can wait to be fed.
Or...you can go find food.
Create your positive future today.
The future is yours.

Jon Gordon is one of my favorite people!
His books are awesome!
The Energy Bus
The No Complaining Rule
Training Camp
The Shark and the Goldfish
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