Monday, March 22, 2010

Come Closer so I Can Put on Your Badge of Courage

Wear this Badge with Pride...I am soo proud of YOU!
Let it remind you that you have the courage to meet your goals
regardless of what obstacles come across your path! : )
Be strong every minute!!

It Takes Courage to Be Slim & Healthy

This is hopefully going to stir some conflicting emotions
and leave you thinking about why you’re still not realizing
the slim and healthy BODY You that you deserve!

You see it takes courage
to be slim and healthy…
it takes boatloads of courage to lose weight
and it takes even more to keep it off.

It takes courage
to strive for a loftier ideal,
to hold an image in your mind
and to take small steps every day towards it.

It takes courage
to keep pushing forwards despite set-back after set-back.

It takes courage

to tell your friends and family
that you have chosen to live a different lifestyle,
and it takes courage
to eat what you know is right
and exercise daily
despite the ridicule of people close to you.

I’ve encouraged you to watch these videos once before
but I’m going to encourage you again –
this is real courage in action.

The father was asked by the son
if they could run a marathon
– despite a heart condition the father agreed….
They completed the marathon
and the son asked if they could do the Iron Man
– the father agreed!

Yours in health & happiness
Giles Wiley – The Fitness Gentleman
Fitness expert, Author & Magazine Contributor

I posted this from an email I received...It moved me..I hope it moves you!
Susan : )

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