Thursday, October 4, 2012

76 Years to Celebrate!

It's my Dad's birthday today!  He is 76!  
I love YOU, Dad!  We love YOU, Grandpa!!
These pics were taken a few years ago.  The pics we take of him now, he has a blank stare, showing his disoriented look.  So I prefer to remember and think of Dad as remembering us..
Dad is not really knowing us these days.
I called him at the Nursing Home to wish him a Happy Birthday and he didn't know it was his birthday.  But when I told him, he said, "I am getting to be an old buck!  Voy Gogh Gee Ah...In Finnish, that means something like, WOW!
I love my Dad and will cherish the time I have with him.  Even if he doesn't know me, he knows that someone loves him and hugs him and spends time with him.  I am focusing on the memories and reminding him of them, even if he only knows about the past for the moment I tell him.
Be sure to call your Dad, your Mom...your loved ones today...Enjoy them while you have them!

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