Saturday, July 14, 2012

It has been a busy week!

This blog is about what happened LAST Saturday and then all of this past week!
Here are some pics Elliott took:
This is Gir, our hampster!
Elliott loves taking pics of Mommy...the camera is full of them!
Mommy's turn to hold the camera now!!  He is sooo full of JOY!
Last week, Elliott and Mommy made our 1st Saturday of the month trip to Home Depot!
Soooo excited to find out what we are making this week!
Come on, Everybody!  Let's build!
He loves it!  Every project is taken on with lots of high energy!
Elliott's favorite Home Depot Lady!
Love driving around the store when we are done...
No trip to Home Depot is complete without it!
After Home Depot, we found the street near the Library blocked off, so we decided to investigate...Look what we found!
Sick Air FMX were jumping high!
Usually the LOUD noises are difficult for Elliott, in fact this is the first year since he was born that he didn't scream when the 4th of July fireworks were going off.  Even inside a house, he could always feel the vibrations and it would overstimulate him.  This year, we spread out a blanket and took our pillows and sat on our front lawn and enjoyed the fireworks!  He even clapped for them.  Then he picked up his IPad and began playing an alphabet game!  Hey, next year, I plan on braving the 4th of July parade!
Now all we need is a driver!! Elliott and I got to sit in a neat side car!  
I think I want one!  It is a very stylish one!  Even has air conditioning and a radio!!!
We have been visiting Camp Daniel in the evenings this past week as well.
Camp Daniel is a special needs week camp.  It is about an hour from our home.
This year's theme is God makes us grow!
We will also go this week as well.  Going for an hour or two at a time will help Elliott adjust so it is not a new place to him.  We are still working out the final details for him to become a camper.  

My garden is producing great....Greens are in abundance!  My 80 year old neighbor, Jerry plants and weeds the garden every year in exchange for using my backyard!  He was gone for a week, so I watered it.  Purslane overtook the garden so Jerry then weeded it and gave it all to me!  I have been making Green Smoothies out of it and also freezing it to use later!
Since we have such HOT weather, I have been making daily batches of water kefir!  I love adding ginger to make ginger ale and I make root beer for Emmalee!
River came over to play this week!

River loves wearing Grandma's shoes!
She loves wearing one of each yellow and green and brings me the matching pair to wear!  I didn't get a pic of that!


  1. :) :) :) love these photo's!!! Great Happiness Susan , a pleasure to see & feel :) John O'K.


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