Saturday, June 25, 2011

JOYRIDING!!! Can't Wipe the SMILE Off my Face!! : )

Today I test drove my DREAM CAR!!
It is a little KANDI Electric Car.....

I had fun with my hair blowing in the breeze as I was speeding along at 25 miles an hour!!
These cars are now only for in town driving....
but as soon as Congress passes a bill, they will be highway legal.

Funny thing is when you turn the key it is silent...
when you touch the gas pedal it is a little whizzing sound...
when you touch the brake and come to a stop....quiet silence...

It's stats are:
61.5 "  height
60.9 "  width
103.6 length
1609  lbs.
60 miles per charge
6-7 hours to charge
Air Conditioning
Power Windows
Yada Yada Yada...
Eligible for a tax credit of 50-60% of purchase price

A girl can dream....and I sure can DREAM!!!
Giggle with me and believe with me!!!
It's not a family car, obviously,
but it would be fun for a 2nd car and great for running errands around town...
and boy does it turn heads!!!   There are only 4 of these cars in our town!
And 3 of them are at the Tool Time with Tim.  Yes, that is really the name of the shop and owner!!
I want to see one of these in my driveway!!

It will only need a little garage!
Oh, by the way, I do want the hardtop...the wind messes up my hair!!  : )

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