Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your PPOV : )

Have you ever thought about your POV? Point Of View. Your POV determines how you see the world and influences your perception of reality. This is significant because we don't live our lives based on reality but rather our perception of reality.
For example if you lost your job your POV could see it as an opportunity to start the business or pursue the career you always wanted while the POV of someone else might focus on the fear of going broke and never finding a job again.
One person is filled with positive emotions and energized by the opportunity while the other is paralyzed by fear and likely in need of therapy. The same event leads to two different POV's, perspectives, emotions and actions.
POV influences everything. One company views the economy as an opportunity to gain market share while another company complains that the good ole days are gone.
Talk to different people about politics at a party and you'll get different POV's. Walk outside in the rain and some will grumble that they are getting wet while others will be thankful because their yards and flowers needed the water.
Everyone has a POV and its important to think about how you see the world. Because how you see the world defines YOUR world.
I can personally attest that as someone who is not naturally a positive person I've worked hard to develop a PPOV. A Positive Point Of View. And by doing so for the last ten years I can see how my PPOV has enhanced my J-O-Y and my J-O-B. :)
What is your POV? Do you agree that PPOV is important?

Click PositivePointofViewPosterJonGordon.pdf for a POV Poster!

Jon Gordon

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  1. Hi Susan:

    I often wonder about my point of view because I always feel really great when my husband and daughter are with me traveling and doing things together, but when I am alone with bills piling up and my worries the doubts in my future start coming around. I can't help crying or feeling hopeless about money and success. I know I do keep trying and doing things each day, but I still feel sad. When I am in my highest spirits, then I can do work that normally takes a few hours in much less time because I feel good and clear. I have been feeling so sensitive these last couple of days.

    I know I work hard, but is it hard enough? Am I doing all the right things or not enough? Is it really the economy? Is it me? All I could do now is keep trying to work on my life and business.


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